不愿提起,不能忘记!      A 20-Year Memorial Service
 for Those Who Lost Their Lives in the Student Movement in the Spring of 1989

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  • No. 67 A Hong Kong Student supporting Beijing Students, 100th Anniversary of Tour Eiffel, Paris, 1989. 五月廿四日,一名香港學生在巴黎高舉旗子聲援北京學生。 A Hong Kong Chinese student holds an identification banner before the Eiffel Tower. He and other students demonstrated along with French intellectuals for the resignation of People's Republic of China Premier Li Peng and more democracy in ma inland China.
  • No. 68 "Fight for Freedom - Support Students in Beijing ", Chengdu, Sichuan, 1989.5.25 在中國西南四川成都的市中心巨大的毛像下面,民眾集會聲援北京學生。一個橫幅上寫道:「為自由而戰」。 A mass gathering in the center of Chengdu, the capital city of the southwestern Sichuan province, in support of students in Beijing. The banner reads: “Fight for Freedom”.
  • No. 69 Students from North-East, Beijing, 1989.5.25 中國重工業基地東北的沈陽工業學院的學生乘車來到北京參加學運。 Students from Shenyang College of Technology in the northeastern industrial bases take a truck to Beijing, joining the students in demonstration.
  • No. 70 Beijing, 1989.5.25 卡車滿載市民加入天安門前的遊行示威。 Truckloads of demonstrators fill Tiananmen Square in a rally for democracy.
  • No. 71 Home of Students, 1989.5.25 佔領廣場十天以來,公共汽車成了不少學生的家。 Students mingle between city buses that have been their home in the square for the past ten days.
  • No. 72 A Disabled Veteran Supporting Students, Tiananmen Square, 1989.5.26 一位殘廢軍人在天安門廣場用拐杖作的標語:「支持學生﹑反對腐敗」。 A disabled veteran made a slogan out of crutches: “Supporting students, Against corruption - From Disabled Veterans” in Tiananmen Square.
  • No. 73 Rock & Roll, Tiananmen Square, 1989.5.26 五月廿六日的晚上天安門廣場示威學生舉行音樂會,以鼓舞鬥志。 Beijing university students entertain their comrades holding Tiananmen Square with a concert.
  • No. 74 Zhang Jian, Concert on Tiananmen Square, 1989.5.26 Night 學生糾察總長張健來自北京體育學院,由於過度疲勞而在崔健的搖滾樂晚會上睡著了。六四凌晨張健在廣場西北角中了三顆子彈,後經 搶救死裡逃生,六四後隱姓埋名十二年,輾轉來到法國。目前他身上還有一顆子彈。 Student leader Zhang Jian, from Beijing College of Athletic Education, fell asleep out of fatigue at a rock-n-roll concert performed by Cui Jian. Zhang was shot with three bullets while he was at the northwest corner of the Tiananmen Square at the dawn of June 4th. He was rescued and survived. He hid his identity for twelve years and went a long way finally abroad to France. There still is one bullet left in his body.
  • No. 75 Freedom Forum, Tiananmen Square 廣場上的自由論壇,學生聆聽一次示威活動的安排計劃。 At the Freedom Forum, students listened as a strike spokesman details plans for a Sunday rally in Tiananmen Square.
  • No. 76 Global Chinese Manifestation, Beijing, 1989.5.28 五月二十八日全球華人大遊行,北京學生紀念法國大革命二百週年,並要求取消戒嚴令和罷免李鵬。 On May 28th, Chinese marched globally. Students in Beijing commemorated the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution, demanding the government dismiss the implementation of martial law and remove Premier Li Peng from his position.
  • No. 77 Hong Kong Students, Beijing, 1989.5.28 在北京的香港學生加入了遊行示威的行列。 Hong Kong students join the grand march in Beijing.
  • No. 78 Statue of Goddess of Democracy, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, 1989.5.28 自由女神像從巴黎到紐約,一九八九年輾轉來到北京。圖為中央美術學院的學生仿照自由女神的模型來塑造民主女神像。 The Statue of Liberty, traveled from Paris to New York and, through a long way finally to Beijing in 1989. Students from the Central College of Fine Arts, as shown in the photo, are creating the Goddess of Democracy, modeled on the Statue of Liberty.
  • No. 79 民主女神像 Goddess of Democracy, Tiananmen, Beijing, 1989.5.30 五月三十日早晨,即將揭幕的民主女神像,好似東昇的朝陽,象徵著民主的光芒在中國大地上昇起。 In the morning of May 30th, the Goddess of Democracy to be unveiled resembles the rising sun and symbolizes the light of democracy appearing on China’s horizon.
  • No. 80 Han Dongfang Demands Release of other Worker Leaders, Police Bureau of Beijing, 1989.5.30 韓東方在北京市公安局門前發表演講,要求釋放被捕的其他工人領袖。當晚,三位工人領袖獲得釋放。 Hang Dongfang, Chair of the Beijing Independent Trade Union, gives a speech in front of the Ministry of Security, Beijing and demands the release of arrested leaders of workers. The same night, three leaders would be released.
  • No. 81 Goddess of Democracy, Tiananmen Square, 1989.5.31 一位老太太在學生的攙扶下也來觀看民主女神像。 An old lady came to visit the Goddess of Democracy with the help of a student.
  • No. 82 民主女神像 Goddess of Democracy, Tiananmen, Beijing, 1989.6.1 天安門廣場上的民主女神像與天安門城樓上的毛澤東畫像面對面地對峙,象徵著民主與專制的較量。 Face to face: the Goddess of Democracy on the Tiananmen Square and the portrait of Mao Zetung hung on Tiananmen Castle Building, symbolizing the wrestling of democracy and totalitarianism.
  • No. 83 Children & Goddess of Democracy, Tiananmen Square, 1989.6.1 六一兒童節,廣場指揮部請小朋友來民主女神像下過節。 The Commanding Center of the Square invited children to spend their June 1st International Children’s Day under the Goddess of Democracy.
  • No. 84 Bamboo & Tents, Tiananmen Square 學生以竹桿撐搭帳幕遮陽。 A Beijing university student gathers bamboo as the students erect tents to protect themselves from the heat in Tiananmen Square.
  • No. 85 Four Intellectuals on Hunger Strike, Monument, 1989.6.2 上圖:六月初周舵﹑劉曉波﹑侯德健和高新四人在廣場紀念碑絕食,與學生共進退。 下圖:為紀念碑前天安門廣場上被四人吸引的學生與民眾。 Above: At the beginning of June 1989, four intellectuals, Zhou Duo, Liu Xiaobo, Hou Dejian and Gao Xin, started hunger striking in front of the Monument on Tiananmen Square. They vowed solidarity with the students. Below: People and students congregate around the four intellectual hunger strikers in front of the Monument.
  • No. 86 Fearless, Great Hall of the People, 1989.6.3 示威學生面對軍警進逼,高舉象徵勝利手勢,豪氣干雲。 A student protester flashes a victory sign to the crowd as the troops withdraw on the west side of the Great Hall of the People near Tiananmen Square.
  • No. 87 Zheng Lubing, A Worker, West of Tiananmen Square, 1989.6.3, 3:00pm 六月三日,人民大會堂前民眾與軍警發生衝突。一位工人被毆打得滿身是血,手中猶抓住一頂軍人在衝突中失落的鋼盔。 A worker is helped through the crowd at Tiananmen Square after being beaten in a clash with police outside the Great Hall of the People. He is carrying a helmet that fell off from a soldier’s head during the conflict.
  • No. 88 June 4th Massacre in Beijing, 1989 六四屠杀发生地点示意图。 Map showing places where most killing occurred on June 4th, 1989, Beijing.
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