不愿提起,不能忘记!      A 20-Year Memorial Service
 for Those Who Lost Their Lives in the Student Movement in the Spring of 1989

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  • No. 23 Demonstration on bicycle, Tiananmen Square, 1989.5.10 自行車大遊行到達天安門廣場時的盛況。一個學生在嘴和額頭上紮上布帶:「還我人權--我要說話」,以示聲援北京新聞界記者們的 請願活動。 The marvelous scene when the bicycle demonstration reaches the Tiananmen Square. One student has his mouth and forehead bound with bandages, which read “Return My Human Rights – I Want to Speak Out”, a sign of supporting the petitions by journalists and reporters in Beijing.
  • No. 24 The First Night of Hunger Strikers, 1989.5.13 絕食從五月十三日下午開始,夜裡同學們在廣場上度過寒冷的夜晚。當時學生們普遍以為政府會很快讓步,所以連被子和大衣都沒帶。 Students’ hunger strike started in the afternoon of May 13th, 1989. That same day, students braved a chilly night in the Tiananmen Square. At the time, most students naively believed the government would yield to their demands soon. This led them start the hunger strike even without beddings or overcoats.
  • No. 25 "My Will – Papa, Mamma,…", Tiananmen Square, 1989.5.14 遺書,以生命向當權者進諫。「爸爸﹑媽媽:假如我這次不幸死去,千萬不要以為這只是兒於一時的衝動,或受了長鬍子的人的唆使… …」 Last Letter: With our life, we petition the authority in charge. “Papa, Mama, if I should die an unfortunate death this time, please never think that this is a moment’s rashness of your son, nor was it due to the urging of older men …”.
  • No. 26 "Dialogue for Democracy", Tiananmen Square, 1989.5.14 五月十四日下午五時,廣場上的旗幟上寫着「民主對話」。中共這時與學生對話團的對話並未在廣播電視中播放。一位教授呼籲「救救 我的學生」。他後面的橫幅上寫道「師生共存亡」。 5pm, May 14th, flags in the Tiananmen Square declare: “Democratic dialogue”. At this time, the actual dialogue between the government and students were not broadcast on TV as the government had promised. One professor pleads: “Save my students!”. Behind him a banner reads: “Teachers and students will live or die together”.
  • No. 27 Hunger Strikers, Tiananmen Square, 1989.5.14 絕食第三天早晨天安門廣場上的學生。絕食人數迅速從起初的八百增加至三千。 Students on the Tiananmen Square in the morning of the day after the hunger strike began. Participants in the hunger strike rose swiftly from 800 to 3000.
  • No. 28 "Break the shackles of dictatorship ", 3rd day of hunger strike, Tiananmen Square, 1989.5.15 一名學生以紙箱為枷鎖,表示堅持絕食的決心。 A Beijing university student sits bound in a cardboard box as the strike for democracy continues for the third day in Beijing's Tiananmen Square. The box indicates he cannot use his hands so he cannot eat.
  • No. 29 "Mama, I'm hungry, but I can't eat ", Tiananmen Square, 1989.5.15 廣場上一個帳篷外面寫道:「媽媽,我餓,可吃不下。」 “Mama, I’m hungry. But I can’t eat” written on a tent on the Tiananmen Square.
  • No. 30 Mother & Son Join Hunger Strike Together, Tiananmen Square, 1989.5.15 母子連心,一同絕食。 United, heart to heart, mother and son are in hunger strike together.
  • No. 31 "Down with Corruption ", Beijing, 1989.5.15 小學生也上街遊行支持大哥哥大姐姐的正義行動。他們打出「打倒官倒」的牌子。 Elementary students go to the streets to support the just actions of big brothers and sisters, and they carry signs that read “down with corruption”.
  • No. 32 "Democracy -- Our Common Goal ", Welcome Gorbachev, Tiananmen Square, 1989.5.15 「民主----我們的共同理想」。學生拉起附上俄文的橫幅遊行,歡迎提倡公開化和新思維的蘇聯領袖戈爾巴喬夫來訪。 “Democracy -- Our common ideal”. Students are marching with a banner in Russian, welcoming the visiting Soviet leader Gorbachev, who advocated Glasnost and new thinking.
  • No. 33 Zhao Ziyang & Gorbatchev, 16:00pm, Beijing, 1989.5.16 五月十六日,中蘇兩黨的總書記--趙紫陽與戈爾巴喬夫--在北京會晤。這是趙紫陽在中共電視上的最後一次公開露面。隨後趙紫陽 即被黜,因為他同情學運反對軍事鎮壓。 On May 16th, a summit was held between the Secretary Generals of China and Soviet Union – Zhao Ziyang and Gorbatchev – in Beijing. This was the last time Zhao Ziyang who showed up on national TV, and who was later ousted for his sympathy towards students and his opposition of the military crackdown.
  • No. 34 Forth day of hunger strike, Tiananmen Square, 1989.5.16 絕食到第四天的北京大學生們。 Beijing students relax in Tiananmen Square as their hunger strike begins a fourth day.
  • No. 35 Peng Rong, Student of Peking University, Put in jail after the bloody suppression, 1989.5.16 彭嶸,北大生物系研究生,北大籌委會的重要骨幹,六四前曾發起「剃光頭」運動,六四後被捕入獄。圖為他在廣場絕食,手持話筒指 揮糾察隊,衣服上寫道「我們終將勝利」。 Peng Rong, biology student of Peking University, was a key member of the Beida’s preparatory committee. He initiated a campaign of “Shave Heads Bold” in protest right before June 4th, and was put in jail after the massacre. He was shown in this photo conducting hunger strike on the Square while holding a microphone and directing his scout teams. His clothes were painted with the slogan: “We Shall Overcome”.
  • No. 36 Lifeline for hunger strikers, Tiananmen Square, 1989.5.17 學生絕食數天後不斷有人不支昏倒。 Medics rush a student from Tiananmen Square after he collapsed on the third day of the hunger strike.
  • No. 37 Buddhist Monks Support the Students, Beijing, 1989.5.17 僧人重返「紅塵」支持絕食學生。 Monks re-enter “the secular domain”, supporting students in hunger strike.
  • No. 38 A Monk supporting Hunger Strikers, Tiananmen Square, 1989.5.17 從最傳統到最現代的中國人都在廣場上找到了共同的目標。圖為一位和尚在天安門廣場發表演講支持學生。 Common ground is found between the most traditional and the most modern Chinese on the Tiananmen square. A monk is shown in the photo making a speech in support of students on the square.
  • No. 39 Court Judges Support the Students, Beijing, 1989.5.18 橫幅:「法官呼籲救救學生」 。絕食抗爭牽動廣大民眾的心,法官也走上街頭,只為「救救學生」。 Student’s hunger strike has touched the hearts of the wider populace. Even judges are on the street to save the students.
  • No. 40 Policemen support the movement, Tiananmen, Beijing, 1989.5.18 警官大學的軍警也上街支持學生運動。 Military police from University of Police Officers go to streets in support of the student movement.
  • No. 41 "Support Student Movement!", 1989.5.18 一個滿臉稚氣的兒童騎在父親的脖子上,手持小旗:「支持學運」。 A child riding on his dad’s shoulder holds a banner that reads “Support Student Movement”.
  • No. 42 Victory. A policemen Encourages Students, Beijing, 1989.5.18 一名警察向天安門廣場的學生表示支持。 A Beijing policeman encourages students demonstrating for democratic reforms.
  • No. 43 Buses for Hunger Strikers, Tiananmen Square, 1989.5.19 學生駐紮廣場,要麼露天而臥,要麼住在公共汽車或帳篷中。一個廣場上的共和國在中國首都的中心構建起來。圖為早晨許多學生睡在 公車頂蓬上晒太陽。 Camping outdoors on the Square, students either lie down on the ground, or stay inside buses or tents. A Republic-on-the-Square has been formed in the center of China’s capital. Students are shown in the photo sleeping on the roof of buses bathing the morning sunshine.
  • No. 44 Zhao Ziyang & Wen Jiabao with Hunger Strikers in a bus on Tiananmen Square, 1989.5.19, 4:00 am 五月十九日凌晨四時,趙紫陽和溫家寶突然來到廣場,看望公共汽車上的絕食學生。當時趙紫陽已經遭到中共內部整肅。 At 4 am on May 19th, Zhao Ziyang and Wen Jiabao, the present China’s premier, suddenly appear on the Square without announcement and visit the students who are still hunger striking inside the bus. Zhao Ziyang has just been reprimanded by the Party leadership and is out of power at that moment though the fact is yet unknown to the outside world.
Page No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5